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Hi, I am a 33 year old male from Toronto, Canada.

For years I have been dealing with large amounts of stress in my life. Recently I had a major health scare which caused me to re-evalute my life. 

In the past I have always been worried about things that were out of my control. Work that had to get done. Deadlines that needed to be met. People I needed to keep happy. What's worse is that I believe I also have a little bit of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) which does not help the situation.

Life was not fun trying to meet all these expectations. Nor was it realistic. As bad as my health scare was, it helped me attain a new perspective on life. 

The first thing I realized is that no matter what you do and how hard you try, you will not make everyone happy. 

It's time to stop trying. No this does not make you a bad person. You need to look out after yourself first before you can help others.

During this epiphany, I started to ask myself what truly makes me happy and what can I realistically expect. 

The result?...A balanced life and work harmony.


My goal is to help others find a true stress and harmony balance so that they can fully enjoy life. 

That is exactly how I felt. It's time to stop drowning and start swimming. Yes, this is possible for anyone. You won't be alone. Your family loves you and will support you as will your friends. If your friends don't support you, then they are not really your friends and they are not worth your time. Trust me it's for the best. You will also have support here to help you overcome your challenges.

Share your challenges, issues, and successes in the forum. There is a whole community here that can relate. Remember if you are going through something troubling, the chances are that someone else is going through the same situation.