How to Land that Dream Job!

At some point in our lives we enter the workforce whether it be right out of high school, university or college. Some of us, like myself, make multiple changes in the same industry. The simple truth is that we all want to land our “dream job”. Unless you are extremely lucky, it wont happen overnight. It takes time and experience. Here are a few tips.

1) Network and Socialize. Meet as many people as you can within your field. Attend industry events and trade shows. Follow organizations, associations, and groups. Stay on top of industry trends. 

2) Put yourself out there. Use social media to your advantage and establish an online presence. Screen your content. Try Googling your name. If pictures of your weekend partying and Twitter rants come up then change your privacy settings. Unless that’s the image you want to portray. Someone within that company you applied with will look and it might not even be HR. Make no mistake, one or more of your future department colleagues or coworkers will check you out. 

3) UPDATE your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile often. Most decent paying jobs within a reputable organization will post open positions on there or use a recruiting service. Recruiters LOVE LinkedIn. 

4)  Have patience. It takes time and experience to understand yourself and identify what role, position, or particular skill set you need to feel happy and fulfilled. Set realistic goals. Identify opportunities when they present themselves as being a chance for advancement or a good move forward. Avoid lateral moves within the same industry. Never burn any bridges along your way.

Finally, unless you have an influential family member on the board of directors of that dream company you’ve always wanted to work for, you will have to work your way up the ladder just like everybody else. Your career and life is what you make it. You are already the chief executive officer of your future so manage it wisely. 🙂


Welcome to my Blog! Here I will share with you my challenges, thoughts, reflections of life and solutions for stressful situations. The goal is to learn from experiences. We are all capable of learning! Stay tuned 🙂